A Fantastic Adventure Awaits in our Maize Mazes

Welcome to the wonderful world of maize mazes, where twists and turns among towering cornstalks create an exhilarating adventure for all ages.

Ross McGowan


These intricate labyrinths offer a unique blend of excitement, challenge, and family fun. Join us as we explore the magic and joy of maize mazes and discover why they have become a fun adventure for all the family.

History of Maize Mazes

Maize mazes have a fascinating history that dates back centuries. Originating from ancient Greek myths and legends, mazes have captured the imagination of people throughout time. The concept of maize mazes emerged in the late 20th century as a creative way to showcase the versatility of cornfields and provide entertainment for visitors.

Nature's Puzzle

A maize maze is a natural puzzle that challenges your problem solving skills and sense of direction. As you navigate the winding paths, you will encounter dead ends, loops, and tricky intersections. The thrill of finding your way out and the sense of accomplishment that follows are truly unmatched.

Family Bonding

Maize mazes offer an excellent opportunity for families to spend quality time together. Working together to decipher the maze's secrets strengthens family bonds and fosters teamwork. Kids and adults alike can collaborate, share ideas and celebrate their successes as they conquer the maze's challenges as a team.

Thrills and Surprises

Maize mazes are designed to keep you on your toes. You never know what surprises lie around the next corner. Some mazes incorporate interactive elements like hidden clues, riddles, or trivia questions, adding an extra layer of excitement. Discovering unexpected features and secret passages within the maze heightens the adventure and keeps you engaged throughout.

Seasonal Delights

Maize mazes are often found in the autumn, creating a perfect blend of outdoor fun and autumn festivities. As you weave through the golden cornfield, you will be surrounded by the vibrant colors and crisp air of the season. Hatters Farm not only opens its tunnels of the maize maze but we also have additional activities like pumpkin picking, pumpkin cannon and our field of fun, making it a complete seasonal experience for the whole family.

Explore the Maize Maze With the Whole Family

Maize mazes offer a unique and exhilarating way to spend time outdoors with family and friends. The joy of solving the puzzle, the thrill of unexpected surprises, and the educational aspects make maize mazes an experience worth cherishing. So, get your family and friends together, put on your adventure hats, and get ready to immerse yourself in the whimsical world of maize mazes.

If you are ready to let the fun and exploration begin at Hatters Farm, simply head over to our website to find out more about our opening times, any upcoming events and prices to visit and explore our 7 acres of maize maze.

Should you have any questions or require any further information, then please feel free to get in contact with us today by phone on 07585 224196 where a member of our team will be happy to provide you with the answers to your questions and any further details that you require before your visit to Hatters Farm.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to send your enquiry to us via our email address then please do so at hattersfarmpumpkins@outlook.com and we will be sure to get back to you promptly and guide you through the process of booking and preparing you and the family for your visit to our maize maze.

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