Why you Should Take the Kids to a Pumpkin Picking Farm this October Half Term

The leaves are changing and Halloween is fast approaching. It can only mean one thing, October is here.


Embrace the Halloween Spirit by Picking Your Own Pumpkin in Essex

The cool breeze, the rustle of leaves and the faint scent of autumn in the air can only mean one thing; Halloween is approaching.


Why Pumpkin Picking in Hertfordshire is Fun for All the Family

Looking for a fun-filled, family day out in Hertfordshire? Pumpkin picking is a fantastic way to spend your day.


An Autumn Adventure; What to Expect When Going Pumpkin Picking in Essex

Autumn is a season that is cherished for its crisp air, vibrant foliage and the warm hues that paint the landscape.


Discover the Benefits of Taking Children to a Pumpkin Patch Near Chelmsford

As the crisp autumn air sets in, there is no better time to embrace the delights that the season brings.


A Short Guide to Pumpkin Picking in Braintree

Thinking about going pumpkin picking with the family this October? Is it your first time?


Capture Nature’s Beauty: Photography Tips for Visiting Flower Fields

Flower fields are a photographer’s paradise, offering a kaleidoscope of colours and textures that are a joy to capture through the lens of a camera.


Blooming Bliss; the Beauty of Flower Fields

There’s something truly magical about confetti flower fields, those vast expanses of colourful blossoms dancing in the wind.


A Fantastic Adventure Awaits in our Maize Mazes

Welcome to the wonderful world of maize mazes, where twists and turns among towering cornstalks create an exhilarating adventure for all ages.


A Short Guide to Finding the Perfect Pumpkin

In preparation for autumn, a delightful tradition that many people look forward to is picking out the perfect pumpkin.


Want to Experience Pumpkin Picking near Braintree this Halloween?

Are you looking to try out pumpkin picking near Braintree this Halloween?


Searching for a Pumpkin Patch near Chelmsford to Visit?

Are you searching for a pumpkin patch to visit near Chelmsford?


Looking to Go Pumpkin Picking in Cambridge this Spooky Season?

Are you looking for a pumpkin picking farm in Cambridge to visit this spooky season with the family?


Pumpkin Picking near Chelmsford at Hatter’s Farm

Are you searching for a pumpkin picking farm to visit near Chelmsford this Halloween?


Hoping to Visit a Pumpkin Patch Farm this Autumn?

Are you hoping to visit a pumpkin patch farm this Autumn, and bring some pumpkins home to have a super spooky Halloween?


Searching for Pumpkin Picking in London for the Family?

Are you searching for pumpkin picking in London for the entire family to enjoy this Halloween?


Looking for a Pumpkin Farm Essex?

Want to take the whole family pumpkin picking for some rustic family fun? Searching for a pumpkin patch or pumpkin nights in Essex?


Trying to Find Pumpkin Picking in Chelmsford?

Want to go pumpkin picking before Halloween? Looking for somewhere that offers pumpkin picking in Chelmsford?


Looking for a Pumpkin Picking Farm to Visit?

Preparing for Halloween early and looking for a pumpkin picking farm that you’ll be able to visit with the family this year?


Searching for a Family-Friendly Pumpkin Picking Patch in Hertfordshire?

Are you searching for a family-friendly pumpkin picking afternoon in Hertfordshire, Hatters Farm can provide you with all your pumpkin picking needs.


Looking for Pumpkin Picking in Hertfordshire?

Are you looking for a family-run venue for your pumpkin picking in Hertfordshire this Halloween?


Searching for a Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch?

Is it that time of year that your spooky celebrations have started and the kids are excited to pick their very own pumpkin?

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